How Much do You Know about Construction Timelines?


How much do you know about the office construction process in Miami? Try this simple test:

1. On average for a complete office build-out, how long does it take for the architect and mechanical engineer to prepare the construction drawings needed to apply for a permit?

a. Two weeks
b. Three weeks
c. Four weeks
d. Between five to six weeks

2. Assuming that the plans have minimal revisions, match the permitting process with the municipality:
a. Coral Gables                                         1. Two weeks
b. City of Miami                                       2. Three weeks
c. Doral                                                      3. Four weeks
d. Unincorporated Miami-Dade          4. More than four weeks

3. Once you have a building permit, how many inspections does a typical office space have to pass to substantially complete construction and get its Certificate of Occupancy?
a. 5
b. 10
c. More than 15

A special thanks goes out to my good friend Ray Feito, president of Architectural Design Collaborative, for verifying my answers. Here are the answers: 1 – C; 2. a. Coral Gables (#2); b. Miami (#1); c. Doral (#3) and d. Unincorporated Miami-Dade (#4). 3 – C.

How did you do? Where you surprised by the answers? Most of my clients are surprised by the time it takes to build out an office in Miami. It’s more complicated than you think. But don’t let the seeming complexity of this dissuade you from moving. When a company is moving, a team of professionals are assembled to guide you through the process. What you need to keep track of is time and money – the most valuable commodities we have.

I ask my clients to begin their lease renewal process about a year before their lease expires. Your landlord and leasing team are very familiar with the fact that it takes about four to six months to construct a permitted office space. Do not lose one of your greatest advantages – time – by beginning your lease renewal process a couple of months prior to its current expiration. You will have just lost the first round to your landlord. Contact me to discuss your renewal strategy. 305.753.5435 or email me at


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