Getting Out of the Home Office


The new trend in the Executive Suite world is “shared desks” or “co-locating”.  People reserve a spot or drop by to plunk their computer at a workstation for the day, a week or even just a couple of hours.  The beauty of this is complete flexibility.  Pricing depends on the amount of usage and privacy requirements.  I am a big proponent of this concept because it gets people out of their homes and into a more collaborative environment.

If you are thinking this is just for small businesses, think again.  For example, you have a salesperson stationed in Atlanta.  This person occasionally needs to meet clients at your “office”.   With the “shared desk” membership, you have access to a great space with conference room access on an “as needed” basis.  It also provides a professional work environment that can motivate and increase production.

Obviously it is a great solution for small business owners who frequently travel or like being around other people.  Rather than being alone at home or alone in an executive suite private office, you are in an open work environment with other like-minded business people.  If requested, they can provide additional services such as receiving mail and answering phones.  Yes, there are some rules to control noise and privacy issues.  In addition, these co-location sites also sponsor a variety of networking events and “lunch & learn” sessions to foster collaboration and introductions.

If you are interested in learning more about these locations, let me know and I’ll send you a list.  Click here for a previous blog entry about these shared office spaces.


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