Moving is a Drag


Moving is a Drag

I just moved my office to a temporary space for about 60-90 days before moving to a new “permanent” space.  Such is the life of a leasing agent – when I’m doing a good job, I lease my own office out from under myself.

I travel light knowing that multiple moves are my destiny, but even so, I had a couple of boxes of stuff plus a printer.  It took me an hour to pack up and a half hour to pull out the stuff I needed for this interim period.  We are using a high-quality, professional mover because I was not the only person moving.  I arrived at my new office and….no wireless internet and no phone.

This all got me to thinking about the logistics of moving.  When I visit clients who are contemplating their lease renewal, it is rare for someone to say, “I absolutely want to move”.  Nobody likes moving.  The loss of productivity, the expense, the sheer hassle of it all means that many times a company will put up with a lot of issues rather than move.  Your landlord knows this.  Not only does he know that people hate moving, he knows exactly how long it will take you to search for new office, lease negotiations, construction and then the actual move.  It’s his business to know these things.  It’s my business too.

So when you want to level the playing field with your current landlord and negotiate a fair lease renewal, give me a call.  I don’t try to make you move if you don’t want.   I just make sure that you get a fair deal from your current landlord.  If that doesn’t work and you have to move, well, I have a great moving company to recommend….

Moving is a drag

Moving is a drag


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  1. Elizabeth,
    I couldn’t agree more with you! Everybody does hate moving! That is why when you pick an executive office building, you should pick a place where you will be happy for a few years. Another important thing to look out for is how the owner is, and how he handles and runs his office! I think it is important to be a little flexible and lenient when it comes to tenants. I personally use Quantum Executive Offices in Miami and I seriously love them! I tell all of my colleagues and friends to use them, and so far I have heard nothing but positive feedback!
    Good luck,

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