Pulling Rabbits out of My Hat


The Miami Today recently interviewed me about the tenant rep process.  They wanted to know how I find the office space for my clients.  So how do I find the space?  Through a lot of research both with the client and by knowing my market.  That’s the short answer.

Today is a great example of knowing my market.  I am working on a unique requirement.  It’s a large occupier that has a very specialized use for a warehouse type of space.  You don’t find their space very easily.  I had found some options, but today I had lunch with a landlord broker who told me about a sublease space in his portfolio.  It’s not his listing, but he pointed me to something that wasn’t on my radar.  It’s a great option for my client.  He was very gracious to help me out, but he’s a great guy and I enjoy working with him.

Click here for the full Miami Today article.  Let me pull a rabbit out of my hat for you and help you find the perfect space for you.


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