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Sometimes you need office space for just a short amount of time.  In the past two weeks, I have come across three companies who each needed office space for a brief period.  Each had very different reasons and achieved creative solutions.

Case One:  I’m New to Town

A company is relocating into Miami and is sending an advance team of executives to commence operations.  The permanent space won’t be ready until January, however, the executives need to keep working and hiring in preparation for the big launch.  Their solution is that their new landlord is providing free office space for the team as part of the overall lease deal.  They will be able to monitor the construction of their office space, and be operational much quicker.

Case Two:  Big Meetings

One of my clients has large training sessions about four times a year.  Rather than incorporate a large conference/training room into their space permanently or rent a hotel conference center, they have been able to coordinate using a vacant office space for these events.  The landlord charges them a nominal cleaning charge and the tenant has to rent all the tables and chairs.  It’s a great solution for the tenant because they are saving over $11,000 a year on office rent for a room they would rarely use.

Case Three:  Short Term Project

This happens more frequently than you would think.  Just this week, I was contacted by a group who needed office space for only four months while they conducted a medical survey.  They have been doing this for 50 years and have their logistics down to a science.  I have a great sublease for them that while it is a bit large, it comes turn-key ready to go.  Typically the quickest and easiest way to find a sublease is contact a commercial real estate broker, like me.  We have the ability and relationships to oftentimes quickly come up with a solution.  Over the years, I have frequently helped larger tenants seeking a small space to put auditors because they don’t want them within the actual office.

If you need a creative approach and fresh outlook for your office situation, give me a call.  I have handled hundreds of transactions, so I can help you find the answer.


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  1. There are many problem after business owners thinks that he should take an office for temporary usage. This post can be helpful for the business owners who wants the office for temporary use.

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