Change is Good


Nothing endures but change. Greek philosopher Heraclitus (540 BC – 480 BC)

Few people relish a change and the last thing many companies want to do is move their office.  It is disruptive to customers, employees and most importantly, production.  Sometimes there is no choice because your office is too big or too small.  Today market conditions are giving you a great opportunity to improve your office either with a better location or a nicer building.

 If you are moving, make the best of it.  Re-design the layout of your office to make it more productive.  Enlist the services of an interior designer to add color and flair to your new office.  Many times the landlord will pay for some of these costs as part of your construction costs.  Now is the time to upgrade your technology.  Many companies are going wireless to free themselves from cumbersome and inflexible telecom wiring.  Buy “new” furniture.  Office furniture companies are loaded with new and used furniture, so they are offering generous terms for both leasing and purchase.  Many times you can purchase refurbished furniture at a fraction of the cost of new and no one can tell the difference.

 Make sure you give yourself enough time to make this move as smooth as possible.  Phone companies need your transfer order a minimum of 45 days from the actual move.  They should be contacted as soon as your office lease is signed.  Many times your phone/data vendor is incorporated into the construction schedule, so ask your new landlord before the construction drawings are completed. 

 Interview and obtain estimates from several moving companies that specialize in moving businesses.  Make sure they are licensed and insured.  Both your current and new landlords may ask for a certificate of insurance from the moving company prior to scheduling your move.  Ask the selected moving companies for boxes several weeks prior to the move, so employees can begin packing non-essential items.  Now is also the time to clean house according to your company’s policy on record and file retention.

 On the actual moving day, a nice gesture for your hard-working employees and vendors is to provide food and drink to all. This prevents a key vendor from leaving for lunch and then not returning because another “emergency” arises during that time. 

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