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detective_with_magnifying_glass_1I show office space every week and have done so for years. I have literally walked through hundreds if not thousands of office spaces and a myriad of buildings, so here are my top 10 tips for touring office space. Since you will be living in this space for years, you need to leave no stone unturned when selecting a new office.

1. Wear comfortable shoes when you go out to tour. There is no sense being miserable, so be comfortable and ready to walk – a lot.
2. Take notes, lots of notes, so you can remember what you see. Usually on a tour, I will limit it to about 4-5 buildings and maybe 8 spaces at the most. Most folks lose track of what they have seen after about 4-5 buildings. If you like a space, take pictures or a video to help jog your memory.
3. Begin your analysis from the moment you arrive at the building. How is the parking? Is the parking lot (or garage) clean? Is it easy to maneuver? Do you feel safe here?
4. How is the lobby and building common areas? Are they clean? Do you feel at home here? Is it appropriate for your business?
5. If you like the building, take a peek at the bathrooms. You will be using them every day if you move into the building, so check them out. Are they clean? Are they well maintained?
6. If you are looking at a space that was occupied a long time, it probably will not show very well. Ask to see a recently re-modeled space so you can see the quality of the landlord’s construction. Make sure you ask what is upgraded in the space and what is building standard.
7. What kind of amenities does the building have? Would you use them or are they just frills that you don’t need? What type of amenities do you require (on-site café, conference rooms)?
8. What type of improvements have been made to the building in the past 2 years? What is scheduled for the coming year? You don’t want a building with an old, leaky roof or a scary elevator, not to mention air-conditioning problems.
9. How is the building staff? Do they seem friendly and approachable? Is there an on-site manager? How many building engineers service the building? Do they have a day porter/matron to tidy up throughout the day?
10. If you really like the building and it has made the cut to one of your top choices, try commuting to the building both in the AM and PM. How is it to get in and out?

I help my clients find new office space, but I also help them negotiate a fair deal when renewing. Give me a call to discuss your unique situation. I am always happy to help.


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