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I just had the opportunity this morning to tour the brand new office of a large private banking entity.  The architect walked me and a colleague through so we could see his work up close.  The space was beautiful. 

The office is located on an upper floor of 1450 Brickell and it has absolutely breath-taking views.  The architect was able to take bring the light into the interior areas of the space by using a series of half and full glass walls.  The contemporary design, light-colored finishes and dramatic views created a wonderful workplace for the employees. 

Interestingly enough, the client had been resistant to leaving it’s traditional, dark look for this new one.  That happens frequently.  Many times people are apprehensive about change.  Now the client loves the look and wants to replicate it in another office.  Sometimes people are resistant to change because they cannot imagine the finished product or the lay-out.  This happened earlier this week when I was touring office space with another client.

The leasing agent was explaining that by demolishing a couple of walls, the space would be more open and able to accommodate work stations.  My client had trouble visualizing that concept.  This happens frequently, so what is the solution?

There are a couple of solutions.  The easiest is to show a similar space (whether available or not) that has the lay-out that the client wants.  It is a hands-on demonstration that what the client wants can be achieved.  Another solution is for the architect to draw up a simple sketch showing the revisions.  This works for most people, but there are still some folks that struggle to understand a floor plan. 

If you are looking at an office space and cannot picture the finished product, speak up!  Your office design is very important.  It is your home for the next several years and it is important that the office reflects your company’s image and is functional for your employees.  If you hate picking out the colors, delegate this.  Ask the architect and someone in your office with taste for help.  I have endless antidotes of the strife and humor of companies selecting their finishes – you are not alone if that process leaves you cold.

Selecting, designing and relocating an office requires a team of professionals.  Each person has a unique set of job skills for the project.  Utilize a team of experts to simplify your life and design an office that works best for you.


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