Could You Save $$$ with a Free Lease Analysis?


detective_with_magnifying_glass_1Start the year off with a free lease analysis. When was the last time you cracked open your 40+ page lease? Have you ever had a lease abstract prepared for you to help simplify finding and understanding key business points? Have you had a leasing professional review your current invoicing to insure that you are being billed correctly? We have saved tenants tens of thousands of dollars over the years with this simple analysis. Here’s one example:

During a meeting with a prospective client, I asked for their current lease and rent invoice. I commonly do this so I can run a lease analysis. When they handed me the rent invoice, one number stood out – their charge for the supplemental A/C unit for their computer room. Upon my request, they showed me the room, which was a small closet. They were being dramatically over-billed and upon investigation we discovered that it was a mathematical error by the accounting department. The result was a refund of a very sizable 5-figure amount.

You have nothing to lose with our offer of a free lease analysis. You can start the year with peace of mind and a thorough understanding of your lease. Contact us today because as we always say, it’s never too early to start planning your next move.


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