Looking at the Next Hurdle


Jessica and Max Back in the DayMy daughter, between the ages of 6 and 16, was a horse-crazy, horse show fanatic.  That was fine with me since I was the same.  We both learned that a key skill to successfully competing in jumping classes was to always be looking ahead at the next jump.  Once you are headed over the jump, you should already have the next one in your sights.

This strategy is essential in the lease transaction process.  When working on a lease transaction, you need to have the next step in mind so that the process moves steadily towards a conclusion.  My role is to be the one looking ahead so I can keep everyone moving towards a conclusion.  I tend to do this whether I am representing a tenant or a landlord.

When I am working with a tenant, I focus on keeping the tenant engaged and educated throughout the process.  One of my first jump courses is getting through the office tour on schedule.  Once the tour is finished, my next is to solicit proposals, then reply with a counter proposal, schedule space planning, etc.    I keep the lease expiration in my sights so we have time to thoroughly evaluate the market and level the playing field.

If your lease expiration is within the next 12-18 months, now is the time to get started with planning your renewal strategy.  Contact me so I can help you through the course.


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